Payment options:

Payment by Credit Card.

At the present, we only accept Dankort, VISA and Mastercard.

The credit card must be issued by a bank in your country of residence.

All credit card transactions are processed by our payment partner epay ( for a quick and secure transaction.


1     Choose your credit card type (Dankort, Visa or Mastercard), state your card number and validation date.
2     We will request digital verification from your bank, in order to make sure that the data given is correct and that there are funds on the account.
3     The payment amount is reserved on your account. This means that your bank will reserve the payment amount pending the transaction of the amount to THE CURVE ApS.
4     The transaction of the payment amount will be carried out, when the order is packed and invoiced. This occurs when we process the order prior to shipping from our warehouse.
5     At this point THE CURVE ApS. will charge the full payment amount to your card.

When you pre book a product that is not yet available, the amount will be transferred to THE CURVE ApS. the same day you place your order.

THECURVE.DK’s and epay’s systems comply with PCI-DSS standards.

All transactions of data to and from THECURVE.DK are encrypted.

Further information concerning this can be viewed here.

Problems using Credit card:

In order to purchase using a credit card, your browser must accept third party cookies.

– Internet Explorer: Go to Tools -> Options -> Privacy and press the Advanced options, where you check in the top box called “Override automatic cookie handling”. Then press OK

Shipping cost:

A fixed shipping charge, currently €4.95 is automatically added to your order.

This charge does not depend on the weight and/or amount of items in your order.

THECURVE.DK will ship your order using the local postal carrier.

The shipping charge will be charged on the first part of your delivery. Any item which is back ordered will be dispatched as soon as possible without further charges.

You only pay the shipping charge for the first part delivery. It the order consist of two or more items, the shipping is FREE of charge.

The order will be shipped to your given delivery address. Larger shipments may have to be collected from your local post-office.


Out of stock

We will be able to deliver any item, even if the item has the delivery status: out of stock.

But we will, most commonly, not be able to give an estimated date of delivery. Normally we will be able to deliver the item within 7-14 from the day of purchase. The product page will update when the item is in stock again.


Missing order confirmation

I have not received my order confirmation

We always send an order confirmation when the order is placed with us. The confirmation is sent to the email address you stated when you opened your account with THECURVE.DK

Some email-accounts have built-in spam filters which classifies our emails as spam. You can avoid this by adding NO-REPLY@THECURVE.DK and SUPPORT@THECURVE.DK as trusted addresses. All future messages from THECURVE.DK will then be delivered to your inbox.

Unfortunately, we can not resend your order confirmation.

Order Status:

You can at any time check your delivery status here.

Information concerning deliveries and shipping form can be found here.

What does the status mean under “order status”?


Your order has been cancelled and will not be shipped.

Order changed by customer service

All, or parts of your order has been changed by our customer service. We normally inform you of the change that has been made.

Information missing

There is currently no information concerning your order. This can be due to our systems not communicating correctly. Please try again later if you get this message.

Not delivered

You order has yet to be delivered. Please check you order confirmation for the estimated delivery time.


A part of your order has been delivered to you. Any back ordered items will remain in our system until we are able to deliver them to you

Order processing

Your order is being processed and packed at our warehouse and should be shipped within one business day.

Order delivered

We have shipped your delivery. Normally this means that the shipment should arrive within a couple of days.

Exchanging, returning and defective goods.

See our full terms of purchase and delivery.

Exchanging goods.

Exchanging an item is normally processed as a normal return, according to our return policy.

You will find more information about this below. Please create an inquiry with our customer service and provide the details concerning the item you want to change.

Returning items.

THECURVE.DK offers you, the customer, the option of cancelling your purchase within the first 14 days after receiving the order. This option is valid from the day you received the order, or parts thereof. Please create an inquiry with our customer service using the contact form on our web page. Please note that Customer Service must be contacted within 14 days of receiving your order and prior to returning any items.

The inquiry should contain the following information; 1) Order number 2) Invoice number 3) Description of the items you would like to return.

Please note that we only accept return goods if the item is unused. If the item is sealed when delivered, this seal must to be intact upon returning. We cannot accept a returned item if it is used or damaged.

Do not return items by putting return stamps directly on the item. The item must be securely packed in a padded envelope or box. Always remember to return the invoice with the original, or appointed, invoice. A copy of the front and back is also accepted if you intend to keep the original. Don’t forget to write the reason for the return on the back of the invoice.

You will have to pay the return postage yourself. We will not accept COD returns or other shipment forms which requires the receiver to pay a surcharge. Remember to keep the receipt from the post office and remember that you are responsible for the safe return of the goods to us.

Defective Goods

  • Defective on delivery

Please contact our customer service should you receive a defective item. Please do this within 14 days from receiving the defective item.

We will process your inquiry and provide information concerning the return process.

Send the item in its current condition along with a comment on the damage or error.

  • Defective under guarantee period

We guarantee that the item delivered is free from producer defects. This guarantee extends 12 months from the date of purchase or during the guarantee period specified by the producer.