The idea with THE CURVE was to create a collection of products with exceptional design, supreme functionality and undisputed quality…

THE CURVE was born out of the financial chaos around 2010, where the money markets froze and where financing was like wining in lotto….;-))

Over the last eighteen months we have been working on developing and introducing The Curve to the marked…

In the beginning we only had The Curve Pedicure – where it was a real challenge to introduce and convince the health care professionals about the fantastic properties that constituted The Curve Pedicure…

It’s been a long road (and a lot of free test samples;-)) but we have now managed to introduce The Curve Pedicure into the professional health care community, where especially Klinik for Fodterapi and the Pedicure schools have embraced The Curve Pedicure for it’s fantastic properties and outstanding quality (and design!)

The Curve Pedicure is currently being tested by 15 diabetic patients – The reason for this small test is partly due to the fact that we have received so many encouraging responses from diabetic patients that has brought The Curve Pedicure – and where they have stated that The Curve Pedicure was a fantastic Pedicure file – What we have experienced and recommend is the people with diabetes or fragile skin should consult with a health care professional before they start using The Curve Pedicure…..

If you have a design in mind you would love to have The Curve in… Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will look at it and maybe give it a go;-))

We also welcome custom made designs if corporations are interested… – The only must is that there also must be a The Curve logo on the design to indicate the quality and heritage:-)

Other vice we are very open to ideas..